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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

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Luebeck, Tuesday, 27 January 2004

Free English translation on 6 August 2021.

Second Thought CC

Please, let that German-language letter be translated quite exactly in all commercial languages and be handed over to the ordered places.

Dear Sirs!

Also for you as publishers and journalists from the business sector, I am again writing a letter that should bring your thinking cycle back on a sensible track and back to normal thinking.

There are about ten to fifteen letters of this kind in this regard, which are also intended as tutoring, so that this thinking cycle should lead to a completely normal and healthy economic cycle, which is certainly capable of being expanded.

Now, once again, there is a winter sale, but it is supposed to be the last one, since it will only rain discounts and a sale will thus become obsolete. This will boost the economy, which should create jobs, and this with a price policy that seems to lack any real basis, otherwise no one could throw around such discounts.

No one, simply no one, asks the right questions, only very rarely do you get a correct answer and that from small or medium-sized businesses by the managers or foremen who still have to deal with real figures and salaries. In a menswear shop, for example, the manager was asked about her price policy via the TV and her answer was unusually correct for our time.

She held up a suit in front of the TV camera and said that after all, the goods had a value. The fabric and the good workmanship, plus the specialist advice needed, already make up the price. She went on to say that it was not reasonable to sell the goods for less than their value and that she would not consider doing so. If everyone had had this attitude, there would certainly have been a few more secure jobs.

Now we have a chancellor who doesn't bother with trifles; he looks for the big deals that will really bring money into the country.

Africa was the order of the day.

Just because my person can now judge the Chancellor well, this visit to South Africa again arouses my suspicion. Africans have always been neither in a position nor able to determine or influence the price on the world market.

For years, for decades, trade has been done with Africa, but Africans have been getting ripped off from all sides, especially with regard to Africa's raw materials.

The big economies at the "Round Table" also spoke out against certain subsidies, because otherwise Africa would have had too large a slice of the cake, and that really isn't possible, is it? Africa would then almost have been suspected of being an equal partner and so the course was quickly changed.

It is much cheaper for any seemingly capitalist state to participate in development aid than to risk having the price announced one day and possibly by an African.

Meanwhile, of course, Africa has considerable problems with the AIDS epidemic, which is also partly to blame for the primal beliefs of many Africans and many deaths are the consequences. The other part of this blame goes to many other state accounts!

Now it has been said that South Africa exports gold, chrome, tropical fruits and luxury foods. In other words, there is still something to be got there, otherwise Chancellor Schroeder would have flown to another country at this time, which was tactically and politically favourable for him.

Only through a statesmanlike show, behind which there is nothing, but nothing at all but a mountain of debt accumulated over many years, does this man dare to come forward to finance business with Africa through raised a credit by borrowed money.

According to the Fischer World Almanac 2002, the national debt of the FRG in 1997 was 2230.9 billion DM, where one billion is 1,000 million DM and 1 million DM is 1,000,000 DM for a population of about 82,150,000 million people.

That was six years ago and no one simply no one even seriously considered paying off the debt first, accumulating capital and only then reinvesting. Other capitalist states have almost exclusively done the same.

Unfortunately, now in 2003/ 2004, no more data from certain states in this respect are admitted in the annual books and apparently are no longer published, which is actually against the right of every citizen, since everyone should know where he or she and future generations stand with a government. Back to the figures that were still released for public inspection. In these six years from 1997 to the present day, there has been investment, as we can all see, in the highest luxury.

More and more debt has been added in the last six years and at the same time more and more luxury hotels, luxury shopping malls, music and convention halls, aquariums, amusement parks, swimming pools, luxury cruise ships, parking garages, museums and luxury villas have been built*, with the FRG using borrowed money to invest a little more than just in tourism.

At the end of 2003, further debts of more than 43 billion euros were incurred; that is about 86 billion DM, one billion being made up of 1,000 million DM. Today, however, we have a winter sale with discounts of 70 percent in some cases.

All the grocery shops indicate that the FRG must be a land of milk and honey. If you look at the fish sausage and salad counters at Plazza or the fully stocked freezers at Famila, not to mention the gourmet shop Karstadt AG, you really wonder why you should pay off debts at all. It would be stupid, after all, because things seem to be going well this way.

According to the Fischer World Almanac 2002, South Africa has debts of $24,158 million in 1999 with a population of 40,583,373 million. These are not amounts in the billions, however, we are talking about dollars and not DM.

It has been said that 470 German companies are now located in South Africa and that these employ about 7000 people, certainly mainly locals. These 470 companies certainly went to South Africa for economic reasons: However, there could have been other reasons over the years that could have had something more honourable than lining their own pockets.

Unfortunately, this was not made possible in the world of consumerism and debt politics for the Africans. It was not only to South Africa that German companies and larger corporations had relocated. Wherever labour is cheap and rent as well as social security contributions can be financed cheaply, new jobs could be created.

The entrepreneurs of our time are now gathering in these locations, leaving their parents behind and spreading out all over the world. The Germans, on the other hand, have increased their hourly wages, salaries, entitlements and social security contributions, while rent prices have also been increased, but mass production has increasingly caused the price of a product to fall, to the point of market oversaturation, which is also taking place due to the many supermarkets and the increasing competition, and thus daily sales are the order of the day.

Even today, for example, the fruit and vegetable stands are full, even with exotic vegetables and fruits of all kinds, although in this case the export of the goods is certainly much more expensive in real terms than it corresponds to the value of the goods.

Any layman can see that the goods are fresh and the goods of the day before yesterday could almost certainly not have been sold exclusively in terms of quantity. A lot of fruit and vegetables are thrown into the rubbish all over Europe and certainly in the USA as well as elsewhere, at times when people in the world are dying of hunger.

This process is also spreading to private households, certainly because the shops are stuffed with food. And now it is not only the winter sales; now my person will have to teach you and others a lesson that you and others shall not forget!

After that, you and others will learn the rules that my person also primarily sets, because my person will not let anyone, not even King Juergen and Emperor Diethard, talk her into it or slow her down in this respect. You and your kind are no longer putting on a show here, in other words, "show-time is over"!

An example will now have to laid down in Luebeck, which will then be followed by all members of the government of the FRG, by providing 123 EUR* per month for every working person including a daily warm and good lunch, for housewives who run the household accordingly with electricity, water and heating costs, 123 EUR* per month are available as well as for children from the age of fourteen.

For children under the age of fourteen, EUR 110* will be available. The child benefit will be given exclusively in tokens for the children's needs, whereby restaurant visits by the children are also possible.

Older people over the age of 65, the disabled and the chronically ill persons who suffer from a constant source of pain and can no longer take part in the restructuring of working life, which would actually be a great pity, will also receive 123 EUR* as a household allowance. All intoxicants such as coffee, cigarettes and tobacco products, alcohol and drugs are exclusive and will be declared as prescription only via the medical profession.

The trip of work will be done exclusively by bicycle or public transport. The rest of the money earned will remain blocked in bank accounts and will be moved through a large pot. The financial debt trap of individuals will be lifted and shifted into social debt.

Everything else has long been in the works as a multi-page document ready for collection. (See on Internet). The surplus fruits and vegetables should continue to be thrown into the daily rubbish by erroneous orders so that you and your ilk will know what you have done and allowed for others.

Any encroachment by the sales staff on the foodstuffs without a payment of the fixed price will be severely punished by the Empress's Cudgel.** (Even retroactively).

No one simply no one had in reference to my person, the Empress, first right thoughts of a sane person, even if things occur which may be inexplicable and miraculous.

Especially when these things and occurrences operate them in a very negative way, a healthy person should be able to correctly assess the seriousness of the situation and form the first correct thoughts, in that misery that are preventable for humanity, such as hunger, must be immediately contained and stopped!! !

This did not happen for many months and years, so that there can only be one explanation for such abnormal behaviour; hardly any human being is still healthy! A sane person would have reacted long ago and not put on a cheap show or had it put on. The first thing the FRG really needs is real men and not showmasters.

Hopefully, it will not be too much to ask if the FRG at least puts up a handful of men with the appropriate basis of thought in Berlin, who can demonstrate all the required criteria as already established and determined, and who will take matters into their own hands under command of King Juergen as well as indirectly under Emperor Diethard.* (Learning you ask for this leadership takeover)!

My person was assigned a place in the psychiatric ward despite several anonymous witnesses* (Monumental action for at least 25 years) or show-timers. I was also assigned a guardian by the court who had my money divided up for me to pay my rent and pay off my rather very small debts, with the guardian being paid an hourly wage for these services that my person did not even know as a sales administrator.

I was clearly shown who I was dealing with and who you and others are. Now I will show you and others who I am. When a human being can no longer act like a human being, then the human being must learn to be a human being again!

This will happen by giving especially many Luebeckers and those responsible in the matter dog and cat food as an alternative to survival as food intake.* (Now applies to all white-skinned Christians worldwide from the completed 38th and 40th year of life respectively).

If in the course of this week the show offered by the Luebeckers is not finished and no qualified person steps forward by settling my outstanding claims, then as of next Monday, 2.2.2004, the price of EUR 123 mentioned above will fall ice-cold to EUR 90 * due to a special discount!

     P. p. Empress      


Please complete your research in the Spiegel Yearbook 2004 as well as in the Fischer World Almanac 2004 in a sovereign and truthful manner.

Instead of the national debts, the sum of development aid is mentioned, whereby a period of time is also missing. Please check all the information again carefully and hand in these complete works to the office ................ in Luebeck* (No longer current).

In total, all German-speaking ambassadors, all Roman Catholic bishops and cardinals, also interested persons of the Protestant Church as well as a staff of politicians should be provided with the Spiegel Yearbook 2004 and the Fischer World Almanac 2004.

Furthermore, please have these complete works translated into the world's commercial languages and also distributed accordingly.  Your Authorities, consisting of the Emperor, the King and the Empress, also wish to receive one German-language work each.

Basically, at present, no one can comprehend the total amount of debt of all states, and no one can see how high the total liabilities, including the forgiven debts, of the entire states are and whether the data will coincide.

Only then does an indication of development aid provided make sense, because only then would one be able to conclude who is providing the development aid. In addition, several people can view and check whether the development aid has arrived and whether it has also been paid in full.

26. 10. 2010*

This letter is now more than six years old and world hunger has rather increased, for which there can be no excuse.

Now it has almost become too late to steer the ship in the right direction, because the environmental catastrophes and natural forces will in future ensure that the poor and poorest countries will receive an even poorer supply of drinking water and food, as well as medical care, or that these will be discontinued altogether.

It will always be the poor and poorest people who will pay the bill for the fact that peoples from the capitalist countries are inconsiderate in that more and more consumption, throw-away products or pleasure trips are caused by environmental pollution, especially by industry and by motor vehicles or by air travel, without a realistic counter-calculation, which in the end the children and already coming generations will have to pay!

Finally hand over "the wheel" before no one can turn it around anymore and let those who are meant for it millions of years ago take their places by you and your predecessors handing over your dirty business and your artificially created economic-cycle "unsoiled", otherwise you and others are just a foolish "Never-full-Would-be-Like to act Big" ones, who have lived in vain but underestimated death!

You can still make up for some of it with the animal food supply; the price for this is determined by you as adult Christians.

It is now the 42nd week for this measure, because in the future it will not only be the poor and the poorest, it will also be the adult Christians who have knowingly and tacitly tolerated for decades that the imbalance in the distribution of resources and the standard of living became greater and greater, although for decades there were enough options to take the appropriate measures.

Now, in the end, for many people, the world had to become a silly amusement park or else a hospital ward, so that something new can come, whereby it will depend on who is the captain and leads the ship!

P. p. Rumpelstiltskin, isn't it?

Nothing is to be given away, but something must be asked for in return in this situation in order to fulfil the will of God, and this will must absolutely be true!

Letter follows to the Africans and to the white ones! (See TV First programme of 25 Oct 10/ at 22:45 entitled "Hunger").

Nov. 2017** 123 Euro per youth and adult and 110 Euro plus child benefit per child per month.

Intoxicants and medicines are exclusive.