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The Earth

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the Institute

For Peace Research and Security Policy

At the University of Hamburg, IFSH

Falkenstein 1

22587 Hamburg 

Luebeck, Sunday, 25 July 2004

Free English tanslation on 6 August 2021.



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The Earth CC

Dear Sirs,

In the hope that you will show some insight and have noticed that you and others have been purposefully distracted and thus incapacitated, my person hereby extends the letters regarding geology and metrology. Since the earth has been altered in its entire surface structure from almost all sides and the lower layers have also been so affected, you will now please see to it that the imminent collapse of the earth, which is almost certainly heading towards humanity, is cushioned and absorbed.

This is possible to the extent that you locate the underground cavities and passages around the world which are being further excavated and lengthened daily by highly sophisticated techniques and which pose a very significant threat in the event of an emergency.

These underground cavities and passages, some of which are probably even located under the seabed or will be present under lakes, should now be completely closed up and filled in with rubble, debris and earth without delay and in no case only blocked at the entrances. In the event of an emergency, this backfilled mass will then provide a certain amount of cushioning and the possible earth collapse will be intercepted.

For this reason, it is very important that every country on earth stops searching for underground treasures or new explorations and steers in the right direction. Also and especially for these "repair works" there are enough unemployed men who will have to bear the responsibility for this activity. Furthermore, it is important that the population, including that of the developing countries, is taken out of the earthquake-prone areas and resettled, for which some letters have already been issued.

However, not only the developing countries are affected, especially the metropolises which are placed directly at the borders of the continental plates. The population there should immediately start building small, stable dwellings without a large-scale** sewerage network and without a full basement in a future-oriented manner, with a somewhat larger allotment garden making up the site in each case.

Family reunification should also be considered with regard to the placement of the houses. These allotment gardens with the dwelling houses should be laid out in the vicinity of the metropolises and built up by the unemployed men, whereby everything must be within a normal financial framework.

A suitable letter regarding for funding is also available. The restructuring is thought through successfully done work of mankind on a large scale through the Monumental-Area and needs a planning and a system for implementation.

For your further information, my person would like to note that not only angels move here on God's earth, but rather small and larger devils are up to their mischief and thus a mass death through the forthcoming earthquakes does not exactly offer a favourable starting position; for these human souls will then already remain somewhere and thereby the Monumental Realm is not exactly positively strengthened.

In other words, it is much more effective to turn the little or bigger devils into normal human beings again, who will take their place in the matter and commission here on earth and carry out their forthcoming task.

Returning to your field of expertise as geologists or geophysicists as well as meteorologists, my person would like to make estimates or conjectures that you as specialists should judge, whereby the meteorologists are also addressed, since among other things the weather zones can also make important statements at the end of time.

Most recently, to the knowledge of my person, the Caribbean plate has made itself felt, with questionable tremors occurring on the North Sea island of Sylt the week before last. So, renewed quakes could be heading towards Central America, reaching major cities such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

The opposite side is also known to be at risk, especially San Francisco and Los Angeles. There, the Cocos Plate in particular will be hit and a short quake together with the Caribbean Plate could intensify and prolong the quake.

South America would be hit and especially the big cities on the coasts would be endangered. Now there are many other possibilities, such as earthquakes in the vicinity of the Arabian plate, but Japan with Tokyo is known to be the most endangered area, whereby my person is almost surprised that no further earthquake catastrophe has occurred recently.

It is possible that the right countermeasures have already been taken, but the population should nevertheless gradually leave their high-rise buildings and skyscrapers and move to the surrounding countryside or to the mainland or relocate, which a Japanese person will probably refuse to do. It is also important to remember that all pipelines must be taken off the grid in time.

Especially the underwater tunnel between the European mainland and Great Britain is now a problem in case of danger, as this construction can probably no longer be filled in. It is possible that this tunnel has several locks.

Possibly, in an extreme case, an island like Great Britain could be partially flooded by the negative pressure through such an underground connection, which could rupture in an earthquake and fill with masses of water. The opposite side would also be at risk from such a connection.

To the best of my knowledge, only this one tunnel located under the seabed exists, however, there could be another one in the world of which my person has no knowledge.

The problem that could occur due to the water masses is that if the earth will have very deep cracks due to the implied collapse and water masses would enter these cracks, this connection and reaction could rupture a whole earth plate, with the next one following; certainly when magma meets the water.

In other words, what humanity can do about this is to prevent mass burials by earthquakes is to stop the exploitation of the earth by slowly bringing down exploitation evenly from all sides. Gas in particular must be carefully throttled back and short-timely turned up again at intervals to equalise the pressure.

The oil, too, must not be pumped up quite so fast and as slowly but surely each oil well must be reduced to the minimum needed. Also, cycling to work will then become topical again, as the real oil prices are far too high for anyone.

The pipelines must be well maintained and must be able to be closed immediately in case of an emergency. All cavities, especially those under vulnerable areas or above or near magma fissures, must be filled.

My person probably does not need to address the nuclear power plants yet regarding an earth collapse. Properly deployed specialised personnel at these danger points, who could react quickly and correctly, would be a solution in case of an emergency.

The whole matter presupposes a jointly aspired direction of humanity under a central leadership which allows and may allow a certain independence and freedom of action of each country, but the necessity of this leadership should not be underestimated, since the world still has other problems to deal with.

P. p.


15 May 2011/ First and foremost, experts are needed and called upon here who must be very familiar with the entire matter!

To err is human, but many an error humanity can no longer afford!

26.07.2019 German-language document checked and supplemented.