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The Turn of the Millennium

Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

To all

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Germany, Luebeck, 2010

Free English translation on 5 August 2021.

Hustle, hustle build a House.......


Dear Sirs,

I have looked via the Internet at notable buildings of modern times that reflect a culture that has never existed. By means of these buildings, the posterity can clearly see what becomes of people who are no longer in control of their senses!

The imaginative crap has one or more names and that is all the world is already about! The addiction to a sense of achievement and the accompanying feeling of power has turned you, who are to be held accountable for such insatiable waste, into, in clear and unambiguous terms, "cock-controlled idiots" who can no longer notice that the raw materials have long since been intended not for them but for coming generations!

You do not have a self-service shop here on God's earth, an individual or a group as well as a community of states does not own what is under, on or above the earth, because the earth is a basis of life for all living beings, including the forests, lakes, seas and the atmosphere!

For a long time now, you have been misappropriating the "property" of future generations and in this way creating jobs at the expense of the environment and the stability of the Earth!

Recycling also costs electricity and pollutes the environment and thus especially people's health, especially when it involves metals, chemical substances and gases.

You wanted to aim high with your skyscrapers and, if possible, create the paradise on earth, what cannot be completely dismissed, but you have forgotten that you are already sitting on a powder keg, especially where the oil and gas is to be getting underhandedly.

You didn't want to listen and are already supplying discount shops with high-quality heavy and light metals and offering these goods at knock-down prices because they can be had at good conditions in bulk buying because of the masses, aren't you?!

Are you still in your right mind? How many more motor vehicles do you want to produce? The jobs for the workers will now remain, but the activity will have to change! What you have done as the current people in charge must be documented in the history books for posterity for generations to come, so that such global crookedness cannot happen again.

You would not listen? How many more precious letters do you need? You, as "crooks", will now see to it that the material is returned to its destination, which means, for example, that a cast-iron pan is returned to the iron and ore mine, so that you and others will learn that you do not take away from other people what does not belong to you, especially from those who cannot even fight back!!

Have the geologists of our time also been able to detect and prove such insatiable wastefulness and exploitation of earth by our ancestors, or did our ancestors still know that other generations were to follow?

Were our ancestors so much wiser than we are? How did it happen that a man's mind became so easily controllable?

If material or fuel is needed or required, then you and every other state have to ask in the right place, because you do not own the world and you are not God who is above a human and may exercise his power!

Should you, as the current head of state or government body, not obey, then your names, your function and your religious affiliation will be placed, for example, in such an iron and ore mine or drilling rig as mentioned above, in order to show posterity how sick and greedy individual persons were, so that coming generations will know their ancestors better!

You can believe me that only these "lunatics" will be given a street name if they do not immediately realise the gross mistake and steer in the right direction!

Ursula Sabisch


About the "noble tarts" of our time who are complicit in steering a man, another "juicy" letter follows and also includes job creation measures! 

28 April 2011

Please, let that German-language document be translated into the most important languages of earth and be handed over to the right places at once.

30 March 2021