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The Turn of the Millennium

Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Protestant Church


Germany, Luebeck, 19 April 2002

Free English translation on 6 August 2021!


The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Protestant Dignitaries!

Now it is high time for your Protestant Church to close the doors for the services and to re-function the churches as schools in order to teach the children the right doctrine through the parents, grandparents and relatives.

There are enough letters ready for these purposes so that the future of the grandparents, parents and also your own future should be secured. Not only the Protestant Church, but all other similar apostolic or ecumenical Baptist free churches should also be closed.

Please have all churches cleared out and converted into a teaching institution, whereby you, as secularists, will please inform the people properly and with the help of some suitable Catholics will then have to introduce them to the Roman Catholic Church.

Please familiarise the people with reality and accept the chair as a teacher offered to you by your Empress, but afterwards you will by no means have to choose the subject of religion; you will certainly be able to master and pass on German, geography and history and much more. In order to quickly familiarise yourselves with reality, there is enough writing for that as well.    


Please start small, i. e. in one town, and then expand this approach until the whole country is secured.

Since many of you will probably not voluntarily give up the field, some of you must expect to be "run" via the TV channels together with your partner.

Perhaps there is something to be learned from you in the process, but you should not actually be punished for your misbelief.For this very reason, your Empress urges you in writing last time to classify you rightly. Should a few ones decide for the Lord and Creator* alone and not for a woman, then please settle this decision for yourselves and for those concerned.

Finally, this decision of a clergyman will be confirmed by a completely natural examination on a completely natural basis, whereby no third party will be able to make this decision. It is now high time that the children are properly acquainted with God, our Lord and Creator, and that through baptism the children are offered protection in the only true Church.

Your Empress is aware that an academically educated Protestant can be brought to white heat if it has to be made clear to him that he must not adorn himself with borrowed plumes and that he has not been given a good mind by himself or probably by his image Martin Luther, but only by the grace of our Lord and Creator alone

P. p. Empress

10 June 2012/  For the implementation in the matter and commission of the Lord, a predetermined district of Luebeck will have to be taken to task by initiating there, in accordance with this letter, the beginning for the children and through the children, so that a true, functional connection with provisional double protection**.................to God can be established!