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Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the


235... of Luebeck


Luebeck, Tuesday, 10 August 2004 

Free English translation on 4 August 2021

Operating System CC

Copy circulated list.

Please, let that German-language letter be translated in many different languages and be handed over to the correspondingly places.

Dear Dr. J. E., Dear Dr. T. M., Dear Dr. G. S., Dear Dr. G. C., Dear Dr. B. S., Dear Dr. E. H., Dear Sirs,

You will probably know by now that the high-tech of all medicine also belongs in this context and that connections and entanglements also through interpersonal relationships belong in this whole happening.

Thus, high-tech has connected with life, also especially where life begins or grows up and where life is terminated; there are always crossroads, which especially you as obstetricians and gynaecologists know and should always be aware of, so that you will not make decisions that a human being may not presume to make.

The whole interplay that is out of bounds contains a wide field in this respect, whereby the connections between Creation and between the human come into decisive play.

Between these essential connections belongs an order and control that should exist by now; this, according to what is probably the Old Testament, is a servant of God, a very high deity, which exists not only for Christianity but for all cultures and races of the world. Precisely for this reason, the matter and the commission involved become very complicated.

That is why I limit myself to the essential basic ideas that belong in the "operating system" and should be thought of further by capacities, so that it can be steered specifically in the right direction.

Several dangers emanate from your profession today, which I will now name to you in no uncertain terms, because there will be no one else left who has the courage and also has a somewhat detached knowledge, which is also built on the basis of a primal fear, which was also normal for earlier generations, but today human has moved too far away from his orr her roots and ignores all warning signals and warning systems, including those of his or her body. 

Through today's gynaecological examination, a young girl or woman, as well as older women, are indirectly forced to climb onto the examination chair and, in a certain sense, "open themselves up" to allow the doctor to see inside them and thus at least perform an intervention.

Nowadays, a fifteen- or sixteen-year-old girl already has to accept this inhibition threshold in order to have the contraceptive pill or other contraceptives prescribed by you as the doctors.

You, as professionals, know how to use psychology to enable this act of examination to be completed without consequences and you also know that these examination methods also require follow-up examinations.

Especially the new special examination of the breast is a very unaesthetic and humiliating form of examination, whereby a necessary, life-saving removal of the breast by surgery exceeds every limit of a woman.

The removal of the uterus or the loss of the uterus due to often too heavy a load that a woman has to carry or due to competitive sport,* is also a very huge personal cut for a woman, even if she is already a little older and no longer fertile, because the connection that a woman has through the birth of her children is through the uterus.

The causes of breast cancer and the causes of uterine cancer have not been taken seriously enough, whereby, according to my knowledge, the glands are the points of attack that trigger the cancer, whereby the cells are destroyed.

The sweat gland alone, which passes into the breast area, can certainly be attacked by certain deodorants or transparencies. In addition, there is the hormonal balance, especially of a woman, whereby not only the sex hormones will be decisive, but especially also the hormones that control the entire metabolism.

The metabolism in turn also has its connections with the pituitary gland, there at the point where the psyche has its connection to the Monumental-Area.

There, where a metabolic disturbance can take place in the brain and psychoses are the result, is an important dividing point between this world and the hereafter.

When a woman's psyche gets into an imbalance, then very often in general the metabolism is no longer right, whereby the artificial hormones will also play a supporting role in this. These hormones fake something more than "just" a pregnancy, which becomes particularly apparent during the changeover to the pill, although it can manifest itself differently depending on the type of woman.*

The more oestrogen a pill contains for the purpose of artificial insemination, the more clearly the sebaceous gland responds to this hormone, which is positively confirmed by the acne condition.

Since every woman has a different hormone balance and the balance of the entire metabolism must be brought into a relationship with her counterpart, i. e. with her partner or husband, who has a somewhat different metabolism, it is an absolute must to also find the right man so that, for example, the oestrogen in the body does not overturn and the glands remain functional and healthy, especially also the glands that are coupled with the psyche.

Of course, it must be added that many chemical additives in the food chain, such as animal growth hormone, also play a supporting role and that drug treatment will also affect the organs, especially if they are already disturbed and sensitive according to predisposition.

This special form of metabolism, which is controlled by the psyche, goes through a Monumental control and allocation, only the control presupposes a few things; it is the optical signals that belong to this change, among other things. That is to say, not only the intellect of a human being belongs in these relations, but also the outward appearances of a human being, which, by the way, are destroyed today more than ever, especially in the case of a woman.

From these complicated, interrelated "metabolic histories", a new life, a human being, then comes into being, whereby exactly the time, namely the time of fertilisation, is fixed and whereby the arrangement and allocation of ovulation, sperm and ovum take place during this time. This means that if a woman has been artificially inseminated (e. g. by the contraceptive pill) and sexual intercourse has taken place at this time, fertilisation and the planning for the new life controlled at this time is prevented.

Everything else happened as if a human being was conceived, with the difference that the egg was not fertilised.

This means, however, that the sequence of offspring conceived (by Creation- by fate)* was also altered by taking the pill.

Through so-called family planning, many a person has really planned themselves out by planning past and a kind of infertility has become the result.

Through an artificial and factitious  pregnancy, it was prevented, strictly speaking, that, for example, the conceived (created) first child was not born, which should have come into the world, but it can already be the third or fourth child, conceived or planned (by Creation)*, which now comes into the world as the first-born.

It can mean that the second child was not born because the expected menstruation took place between the taking of the pill, but the signs of the "metabolic history" between man and woman stood on fertilisation, but was prevented and thus bypassed in the family planning thought ahead by fate/ by Creation*.

The next intake of the pill follows and thus the next factitious  pregnancy, until presumably something locks up and protects.

Even if a woman stops taking the pill regularly, the body keeps the artificial hormone in it for a certain time, although there will also be many "pill children" who will have prevailed, probably because the body's own hormone was stronger or conversely too weak than the artificial hormone.

This could explain why, among other things, so many people are infertile. It is the family sequence that has been altered by artificial insemination and could also have affected or changed the genes of the following generation.

If you take the crossbreeding of cows as an example, you know that there are known rules of succession by the number of animals born.

In humans, too, there will be this succession. For example, back in the fifties, it was said that the fourth child would directly possess the hereditary traits of the grandparents or ancestors and would be out of line.

At that time it was quite obvious that if, for example, both parents had brown eyes and dark hair, the children would also have brown eyes and dark hair. The fourth child, however, became blond and perhaps blue-eyed.

Back then, before the pill era, there were already abortions or miscarriages, so that exceptions confirmed the rule even then, but not to this extent, where today the succession takes place without any visible rule.

Often, in truth, the first child is possibly rather the seventh child or the second already the eleventh child (of Creation planning)*. This would mean that there are people missing and there are people in the world who possibly should have been born later in the family sequence or possibly not at all?

Thus, the whole allocation, planning and control of the supra-dimensional realm has changed and has already been in the process of overturning, especially also through the devastating consequences when one thinks of the aborted human beings who belong in the planning in the sequence and ended up in the control, but who therefore did not remain in the world, but will return to the place in their connections where this planning takes place, which, however, will also remain connected to the parents.

Even if an unborn child in the womb is connected to the high-tech by means of ultrasound, but has not yet been born, it still has contact with its planning place, which also reaches into the high-tech, which is very dangerous.

Now the question also arises how it is possible for a woman to give birth to a child that does not fit through the cervix even through the pelvis, because the child's head and shoulders are too big.

Nowadays it is no longer a problem through a caesarean section, but what did people do back then when there was no caesarean section, or did it not happen back then, or did this problem only occur very rarely?

Nowadays, it is relatively common that a Caesarean section can save the life of the baby and the mother.

During this operation, the mother is deprived of consciousness by keeping her connected to the high-tech through a chemical treatment.

When the baby is born by Caesarean section, it is often born without the natural pain of the mother's contractions and the actual pain of birth, but also without its own pain, which leads to the first cry as an announcement of life.

During a Caesarean section, the mother is not directly in this world; however, the child is also usually born without the pain, which is also absent in the supralumbar region.

Also through a spinal cord injection, pain shifts to the spinal cord through the injection of the syringe and the birth pain is absent, while also the child is also involved in the mother's chemical cycle, which will certainly not be quite as harmless as you will think.

The question of the high number of Caesarean sections has not been thought through enough.

On the one hand, it will be related to the mother's pelvis being too narrow, although too tight trousers worn as a child or teenager can also lead to the pelvis not being able to develop properly; on the other hand, it can also be the result of a lack of sexual maturity, as male and female have already mixed and the body shapes are also changing due to the mixed professions and recreational sports, whereby a lack of masculinity of the stronger sex additionally causes a woman to withdraw into herself in order to ensure the subconscious protection she still has for her uterus.

You as gynaecologists intervene in this protection and are directly involved in the plants and family planning. In some cases you intervene to the extent of prescribing medicines that even have a direct effect on the abdominal area and the consequences for the people to come will be unrecognisable or untraceable.

Often, in the case of a defective gene, a doctor can refer to a hereditary disease, which often becomes true because of such treated ancestors.

When genes come into contact with chemicals, it does not necessarily have to affect the direct descendant; it can also be the subsequent generation that bears the damage, which incidentally is also part of the high infertility rate.

There is always a risk involved in prescribing a drug to a young, fertile person, because no one can know whether this prescribed chemical might not interact with other substances, for example with substances from the food chain, and reach the genes, where the genetic material is thereby attacked!

A gynaecological examination is always associated with a risk, even just by using the tools of a gynaecologist's trade, which get to this actually very precious area of a human being. Even a smear test during a screening examination can be the trigger for a disorder in the tissue of the uterus, which, as we know, can even cause cancer. So many other things can happen that no one knows about. 

It is always a big risk when an object or anything else is inserted into the vagina, even a bleached tampon or even panty liners can trigger infections or irritate the mucous membranes so that only medication will help.

There is also the question of increasing induction of labour and amniocentesis. Here, too, much has changed over the years, as has the frequency of miscarriages. It is worth mentioning that through induced labour a woman is directly connected to the oxitoxin infusion, i. e. high-tech, and the pulse of life is directly connected to the super dimensional realm, where the person either the doctor or the midwife, can adjust the strength of the pain and the duration of the connection.

At this point, an artificially high level of pain is created so that the birth is natural and faster. On the other hand, there are medicines that can be given during the birth to relieve the pain.

To get back to the head size of the child and the pelvis of the mother, it could also partly be that quite simply the woman did not find the right partner for her, so that the assignment between man and woman was not yet right, but was probably intended and thought to be so, since the entire construction of the Monumental-Area also involves the swapping of the wedding couples, whereby all cultures and countries of the earth are involved.

Philosophy is also a small part of your profession, because in such an exalted position a person must know where the path leads.

A Caesarean section will certainly also exist in the future, in contrast to other obstetrics, but there is only one thing that the gynaecologist must know in principle; the life of the unborn child will always have to have priority over the life of the expectant mother, because an unborn life, which still lies between planning and birth and still stands in a different relationship, has only one connection (Creation) and has not yet reached the control, allocation and implementation, for which now, among other things, the servant of God will be intended.

And you as a human being stand up and want to decide about life and death, if a girl or a woman does not want to give birth to the child?

In this case, the Servant of God will strike unmistakably, and with such severity that everyone will know what to do and what not to do, refraining from imitation.

In the future, every abortion will have to be answered directly, with a surcharge that must take the mother with it into the hereafter, so that the assignment for the unborn life remains guaranteed.

Also every abortionist, as a gynaecologist can be, should know first of all that the woman or girl in question will have to pay the bill herself sooner or later, but that everyone else will be dragged into this bill, which will demand the highest price, for which there is no justification or excuse.

Only what will happen when a doctor can see from the ultrasound examinations that a child's head consists almost entirely of metastases and that they are increasing? What if the doctor can see that a handicapped child will be born and will destroy himself and others as a result? 

Who should be responsible for that and who can be responsible for all that? If you did not have the possibility through the use of ultrasound, this question would be superfluous.

If everyone had taken better care of the environmental influences, medicines and food chain, then you would not need an ultrasound either, then a normal stethoscope from person to person would have been sufficient to listen to the heart sounds and to determine whether the child is alive.

In this situation of ours, which goes hand in hand with high-tech, there is only one way left and that is to refrain from an abortion in any case, no matter what is in store for the mother or the parents. If the child dies in the womb and the mother is in life-threatening danger, then we need some good advice!

As long as the many births have to be induced, because otherwise there will be a transfer of mother and child, this measure cannot be changed, but the ultrasound and other high-tech examinations should now be reduced quite considerably and partly omitted, because in a pregnancy only the shoulder and head size will be relevant and nothing else.

As long as there are miscarriages, one has to accept them; as a rule, no human being makes this decision, and that is the big difference, so that no intermediate connection (e. g. the adversary or. devil..)* is needed.

Quite apart from all these circumstances, a worldwide "play stop" or a worldwide sexual intercourse stop will be introduced for a somewhat longer transitional period, with the Monumental-Area leading these regulations, so that those listed devastating consequences such as the high miscarriage rate, the increasing number of infertility and Caesarean sections as well as the induced births can be avoided.

Also, the beastly good behaviour of an expectant mother will automatically change because it will not be a matter of course to give birth to a healthy child, knowing the sex of the child beforehand. In addition, the gynaecological chair may only be used in cases of urgency. 

If you look at the photos of expectant mothers nowadays, especially in the Marien Hospital in Luebeck, where these naked bellies are exhibited, then as a woman you clearly notice that pregnancy is supposed to become an erotic act, whereby such a mother turns out to be a woman and the beautiful woman and mother falls by the wayside.

These behaviours during pregnancy are also transferred to the growing child in the womb, because much of what the mother feels and experiences during pregnancy is transferred to the child's psyche. If an expectant mother cannot cope properly with carrying a child, then please explain to her that she has to carry something that does not belong to her alone, but for which she will be held responsible.

This behavioural disorder of an expectant mother is also related to the fact that sexual behaviour has changed and also to the fact that a pet quite simply already belongs in family planning. In addition, there are already many women who cannot have children and many expectant mothers therefore expect a certain recognition and respect, but run the risk of challenging a damaged woman by crossing all limits.

In addition, it should be mentioned that there will also be many women who will grant another woman the happiness of having children, even if it was withheld from them. Now we come to artificial insemination, where during artificial insemination the common metabolic moment of a woman and a man is missing and thus the control and allocation has not been included.

Here, too, human takes something out of himself o herself that does not belong in the normal cycle of life by becoming God in person. Instead of researching the causes of infertility and using one's intellect, everything is then blamed on hereditary factors and fate is played.

One assignment that human is allowed to take on would be that of adoption, and mainly of children who will not be wanted or non-accepted by their mothers.

Instead of carrying out an abortion, the child will now have to be born and then it will have to be considered again whether the birth mother does not want to keep the child after all.  Otherwise, there are many young women and men who would like to adopt a newborn child as their own. Often it can also happen that through adoption the unfulfilled desire for a child disappears and after years a pregnancy becomes possible.

Since otherwise many miracles are to be expected through the Monumental-Area, this Area should be able to stabilise beforehand also through this information, which you and others should please elaborate, supplement and pass on, then there is not much standing in the way of a healing towards a handicapped child as well as the fulfilment towards the child wish of many people.

Please be a little more careful in the future with prescribing medicines and start reading up on what is on the food label under or in the ingredients.

As an academic, please do not try to win over a patient by making her feel more attracted to you than to her husband and make sure that any woman only comes to the examination chair should there be a legitimate concern. If the required and intended universal remedies are already working, then the smear test on the gynaecological examination chair is also no longer necessary.

The birth of a child should definitely remain or become exclusively a woman's matter again, whereby a midwife should not examine anything in the genital area beforehand. Just be ready for possible complications, otherwise only come in towards the end of the birth and forbid the fathers-to-be any access to this woman's business.

There will have to be many prohibitions and commandments for a reorganisation regarding all sexual behaviour, so that your profession should also display various letters in the practices in this regard; for example, this letter, which may be divided up and made available to your patients.

P. p. Empress

HP: In order to make the Empress clear once again, my person would like to make it clear to you that you, as a Protestant, will still learn to pray, as is customary for a human being, namely on your knees, and that at the latest when all the abortion bills will be heading towards humanity, whereby no one can know whether humanity will even be able to pay these bills.

And to you, as a Catholic, my person would like to urgently recommend that you no longer cowardly hide behind the naivety of a Protestant, because the Monumental Cudgel strikes correspondingly twice as hard on a corresponding Catholic.

Any woman who makes herself available as a surrogate-mother, for whatever reason, has long since have a screwe loose somewhere, in which case one need not be surprised when twisted scientists are given the opportunity by such women to carry out a cloning of a human being, where all sense and justification for such a "cloned" life is lacking.

All this has only become possible because the inhibition level of women has been broken and thus the protection of hereditary property is no longer guaranteed, at a time when many screws are already frozen or have a real crack in them and some of them will even be missing, you comical demigods from the would-be-big club you!

You'd better prescribe Dr. Riese's Penaten cream to some of your patients so that these women are reassured!

German-langua​ge document grammatically reviced and expression improved on 29.11.2020. / 20.03.2021